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Before I begin, please let it be known that this post isn’t suppose to be taken as me whining or anything, because for the most part, I’ve come to terms with being single. However, with that said, I do catch myself thinking about having a girlfriend/wife at times, but in the post, I think you’ll see why I’m opting for the single life.


I was always shy and kinda felt like an outsider looking in, & when my friend introduced me to a girl in high school, I froze, didn’t speak and missed the chance. A few years ago, I met someone online, who I thought I’d like to know, but as we talked, she started getting stranger, asking me is anime porn & if I got with her would I stop watching it? Uh, strike one? Let us get one thing out, I watch and read Hentai at times, but anime is not all about that. Then she went off the grid for a year and told me she was in witness protection for that time, but being a good detector of BS, I found out she got married. After losing my mind, playing her games, it was decided to cut the woman off.


Sometime after that, I reconnected with a girl I went to school with, who has the same disability, (though milder) then me. We met, talked for a few hours, but she kept making it clear that she didn’t want a relationship because of her dad issues, so her email address got “lost”. Two years ago, my friend asked why I don’t try to find a woman who has a disability and my answer to him now would be, disability or not, a few have the same problems.


Now as I start a new chapter of my life, I’m happy being single and loving myself, because it allows me to focus on me, my stories, etc. and I can pursue goals I’ve set. Even debating on becoming a pen pal to someone overseas.


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