Replaying Crysis 2 (PC)

For months. gaming on my PC has been put on the back burner because of stories and things, (namely, my ex girlfriend, wanting me to role play my book all day).  Add to that the fact that I was getting my mojo back on track so gaming on PC again wouldn’t feel so alien to me anymore. Well, though I have yet to beat Crysis 2, I’ve started a new campaign, but this time I’m doing things differently.


While most computer gamers might cut my head off for this, some games, I use a Logitech F310 & I bind the necessary keys/mouse buttons to it, which works well. Anyway, when playing this second time, I’m finding that my aim is better, I don’t die to much and the game is much more enjoyable for me. True, being one handed means that I take areas of the game carefully, (I can’t run & gun easy), so I cloak, sneaking past tanks and some enemies. Who knows, I may feel okay enough to post some game play on here and my you tube channel! 🙂


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