Starcross Love Chapter II

Starcross Love
Chapter II: Enter Blackrose


Author’s note: Blackrose is a vampire cat girl of my own creation. Her and all characters herein are protected by me.

Following the guards who were carrying the queen’s body, Dante still had trouble accepting the fact she was dead. While he was trying to come to terms with her death, images of happier times Queen Chanista and the warrior spent together flashed into his mind, bringing a tear to his eye. Though he knew crying couldn’t be helped under the current state of things, Dante figured the guard would see weakness if any of them saw him like this, so he wiped the tears from his eyes.

Wheeling out of the tunnel, the Izurian warrior saw the guards backing away from their queen’s body like they were afraid of something. His eyes were scanning the surrounding area for anything out of place, but saw nothing, so in his mind the question was, What has them acting like they’ve just seen something not of this world? As he went over to her body, Dante ordered a couple of the guards to stand aside and make room for him, something they did without question.

As soon as he got there, the warrior saw his dead friend’s body morphing into something, but what he didn’t want to guess. Waiting and watching this to unfold, a memory of a meeting between Queen Chanista and his mother, Yoruichi started to play in his mind, but he couldn’t recall what they talked about. Dante was left to wonder if the subject they had met about had anything to do with what his eyes were witnessing now.

Still watching what some would call the work of a spell weaver, the troops began to mumble amongst themselves, saying Queen Chanista was a sorceress. “Do they not know or care that I can hear this?” went through Dante’s mind while he listened to the lies. Unable to take the whispers about his friend, Dante put his hand on the Kahimoto sword’s handle as if to draw it, ordering the guards to hold their tongues or face his blade.

“But sir,” weakly came from a guard in the group, because the thought could the one who trained them not see what was happening? entered the knight’s mind. Their teacher just mumbled something the soldiers couldn’t make out, but they didn’t want to find themselves on his bad side, so they just continued to watch. As Dante continued watching what was unfolding with Queen Chanista’s body, both he and the knights began to notice pieces of it were breaking away like clay.

Knowing she was no sorceress, the question, “What was going on with his friend?” went through the Izurian’s mind. Of course no matter who or what she really was at the end of this, the fact would remain, she would be queen of Daltauria, but above all, his friend. When whatever it was that went on was over, everyone but Dante gasped in shock at what they saw.

A body of a calico cat woman was left before the warriors. A few of the knights were blinking their eyes in disbelief because of what they saw. Oh they were loyal to her in life, but they were visibly shaken to see her true form. One soldier, to Dante’s right, began to act disgusted at his queen, spitting on her dead body and starting to walk away.

Watching that blatant disrespect for the dead filled Dante with anger and before the knight got far, the queen’s friend caught up to him, with his blade drawn. When he got close to the man, Dante held his sword to the knight’s neck, making him stop. Neither man knew what the other would do, but the Izurian warrior told the man that his action was a free pass to hell.

“That thing was not the queen I served,” escaped the knight’s lips in a mutter while going for his sword to draw it. What he just heard was making Dante’s anger boil over and he took the man’s head with no hesitation. After sheathing the Kahimoto, Queen Chanista’s friend turned toward the soldiers, who knew he had to kill the knight. While rolling back to the group, the warrior’s eyes were scanning the rest of the knights, wondering if the rest could be trusted.

Sure, the soldiers’ loyalty would be with their queen, whether human or feline, but they needed to prove it to the man who was now peering at them. When Dante got back to the queen’s body, he began to look at her, remembering her in life. Though friends, he found her alluring, like he could’ve been attracted to her if she had lived. While looking at her, a way to test the knights’ loyalty entered his mind.

Taking her sword and stabbing it in the earth before him, Dante instructed each of them to use her blade, draw blood and have it drip on the sword. Even though the knights knew that they were loyal to Queen Chanista, after their former Conrad dishonored himself, the warriors did what he asked. After the last person took the oath, they knelt before him. While looking over the troops, Dante told each of them that he knew it would be hard, but now they had to go into hiding, raise more troops and strike Alexandros, in the queen’s name.

After hearing what he said, some of the knights started to talk amongst themselves and the queen’s friend heard, “Are you not coming with us, sir?” coming from the group. Hearing them talk amongst themselves reminded the Izurian warrior how annoying it sounded and he raised his hand, bringing an instant hush over the crowd.

He was never good at speeches, he knew this, but he had to address them somehow. Giving a sigh to ready himself, Dante said the first thing that popped in his head, “I know this will not be an easy war. However, I will call on you soon and we will end this war her son started, so the queen can rest in peace.” It took him a few minutes of shaking his head until the warrior finally convinced himself he just said that. Oh, Dante heard the words, but it almost seemed as though he’d been under someone’s power as he’d spoken them.

Queen Chanista’s knights wasted no time giving the man they saw as their leader thunderous cheers. Sure, Dante’s training and the way he had acted toward them was viewed as hard in the beginning, but now they were glad to call him one of them. Hearing the soldiers praising him was filling the Izurian warrior with pride, but he knew all of them had one final duty to perform for their queen.

With only a look at the body of his friend, Dante made the group go silent and each one knew what had to be done. Her knights had been versed in the royal Daltaurian funeral traditions, but hoped they would never need them, at least not in this manner Slowly building a pyre made of logs that were around them, her knights were ready to lay Queen Chanista to rest. Almost all had tears streaming from their eyes, but most of all, it affected Dante.

While he looked on, he was trying to seek solace in the memories he had of her, but each time thinking how Alexandros caused the death of his own mother fueled the Izurian’s hatred. Dante knew what his own mother would say on the subject of hate, but felt she would understand if she was looking in on him from the other world. As one knight lit a piece of wood to use as a torch, the way they were looking at him told Dante the soldiers wanted him to send their queen on her journey.

Though this was his first funeral, he knew Queen Chanista would want him to release her from this plain. So the Izurian warrior was wheeling his chair up to do his service and before he set her body on fire, Dante said goodbye in the language of his land. While setting the pyre ablaze, all the knights stood around it with their swords drawn, bowing their heads.

After watching his friend turn to ash, Dante told the group that even though it was hard right now they must go before they were seen. Giving a nod to let him know they understood, the knights sheathed their weapons and began to march into the forest, but the girl who he had sparred against knelt in front of his chair. “Please allow me to travel with you, sir,” the young woman weakly asked.

While looking at the girl, his grief stricken mind started to try to remember the name of the female knight before him. Though muddled by thoughts of the queen, the name Elisa came to the Izurian’s mind. Looking at the girl, Dante started weighing the pros and cons of bringing her with him, but he knew Alexandro’s spies would be after them. “Could he risk another girl he called friend?” rang in his mind, but if things got out of hand, Dante put sending the woman away.

Within a month, the Izurian warrior and his companion were making raids on Alexandros’ trade routes and it looked as though he was getting madder with each attack Dante pulled off. In his throne room, the boy who had the nerve to call himself king had a messenger sent to find someone or something that could remove the thorn in his side. As the knight took off into the night, he knew of a vampire that might do the job, but only if her price was met.

Riding throughout the land to find this vampire girl, a memory started to stir within the knight of when he first saw the vampire. The knight didn’t understand why the memory of himself as a child gave him ease. Nor did he know why she saved him, but her face was burned into his mind. While still riding, her face kept flashing in front of him, until he heard her say Blackrose.

As he rode deeper into the forest, the trees and everything around him started to take on an eerier sense. While the sky began to darken, he could feel something watching from the trees and his mind started to wonder if it was the vampire he was seeking. Pulling the reins on his horse to stop it from walking, he was left to ponder whether to call her name or not. The knight knew the vampire wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if she didn’t recognize him, but if he didn’t try to reason with the creature, she would kill him.

It was now or never and as the darkness crept behind him, he yelled Blackrose as loud as he could. The silence of the blackness was so still that he began wondering the vampire was plotting on making him her meal. An unsettling tone seemed to bounce around the trees as it was asking, Why are you in my forest, human?

From her tone, the knight was left to wonder if she remembered him at all and the thought, maybe it was a bad idea to recruit her, took hold. Thinking this was a bad idea to take the vampire into the king’s ranks made the knight shake in fear, but hearing her repeat herself louder forced him to decide not to ask her to aid his majesty.

A Bengal cat girl with dark hair halfway down her back and gashes on both of her ears started to step from her dark haven, looking at the knight. Blackrose didn’t know why this man sought her out, she started to walk toward him as if she was planning to feed on him. “Why have you ventured into certain doom, human?” she was asking while approaching him.

As the knight was backing away from the vampire girl, thoughts of ways to save his skin were flooding into his mind. With a slight sound of fear in his voice, he told her that he wanted to meet the girl from his memory. What he said made Blackrose stop and think for a minute, but she knew the knight had to be keeping something from her. Arching an eyebrow, a dark smirk ran across her lips and she started to laugh as if she was insane.

Hearing the vampire laugh was sending chills through the knight and he knew this girl wasn’t the girl he remembered from childhood. To him, she seemed cold and he was fearing what she would do to him, but keeping his true reason why he sought her out seemed more important then his own life. Watching Blackrose continue to walk towards him made the frightened knight inch backward. The black hearted cat girl could smell her feast’s fear and it made her mouth almost water with anticipation.

He stepped back until a tree blocked his path, but he saw the vampire cat creeping closer and he started to tremble, because he wondered what her plan could be. It pleased Blackrose to see her mouse trapped like this. She thought it was to easy, but to her humans always were easy prey. When she got near him, he watched in terror as the cat girl’s eyes blacked out and she held him still by the neck.

While the vampire girl had him pinned, he could feel her entering his mind and he started twitching from the intruder. As she started searching his mind for what he hid from her, Blackrose ran across the memory of when she saved a child, making her stop the mental attack. “This was the human child I saved?” she asked herself and backed out the knight’s mind with the information she wanted. After releasing her hold on the man, Blackrose told him that she would kill this Dante for the king, but next time, he would die, and vanished into the shadows.

A few minutes passed before the knight was free from his own fear. Sure he knew she meant her words she spoke, but hoped he would never feel her wrath. Mounting his horse, he kept going back and forth on whether to tell his king about this deal he made with a she devil or not. The question haunted him while he rode back, but in some odd way, the knight felt a sense of misguided loyalty to the vampire girl. As she watched him ride off, Blackrose smiled happily when she entertained the thought of killing this warrior.

With her mind already forming plans for Dante’s final act, the vampire flew to find her next meal, but rather then killing the poor fool, she would make them her servant and observe the target before delivering the final blow. After landing in a dark alley, Blackrose used her cape’s hood to cover her cat ears and went looking for a victim. The cat girl already had a plan to lure the man or woman to her. Walking into a street market in front of the Dragmoia temple, she knew that she couldn’t enter, for just the sight of the white stone walls made her ill.

Of course she was a vampire and would forever be unable to walk in holy light, but there was another reason Blackrose hated the temple. Waiting for her prey to present itself, the cat girl’s memory started to recall a time before she was turned. She remembered her father forcing her to follow the Dragmoia religion and she hated it, but most of all him for it. The more the vampire girl had time to dwell on what she saw was a stain of a memory, the more she wanted to rip her father’s throat out.

Blackrose quickly came to her senses as her ears started to twitch at the voices of the cat’s unwitting prey. Knowing her fun would begin soon began to fill the girl’s undead heart with a perverse joy as she made her way over to the priest and priestess. As if on cue, the cat girl began crying and the objects of her scheme rushed to her side asking what was the matter. Though she couldn’t look at them because of the holy talismans around their neck, Blackrose told them that her child was deathly ill and they needed to come help.

She had the two follow her and as the cat lead them to the alley, Blackrose’s grin began to present itself, because the two didn’t know what she had in store. When the girl got them far enough into the darkness, the priest and priestess asked where the child was, but the vampire answered with her dark laugh. As Blackrose turned to her victims, her eyes started to go black while she told them they were too trusting.

The two holy people stepped back while reaching for their talismans, but before they put a hand on them, the vampire cat raised her arm and she shot a black energy ball, shooting the talismans off the chains. Not ready to accept what his eyes witnessed her do, the priest looked at his companion, telling her to run, but when he looked back at the vampire, all he saw was the darkness about to swallow him whole. When it did, all that was heard of the priest was his screams of terror and agony.

When the darkness lifted from where he had stood, his body looked as though it had been torn apart. Body parts and blood were all that remained of the man, but the priestess saw the cat girl licking blood off her claws happily. All the while Blackrose licked them dry, her eyes fixed themselves on the female in robes, because she knew the priestess would soon be useful to her. Reading how the cat girl looked at her, the priestess knew she better get back to the safety of the temple walls, but fear had her in its grip, and not letting go.

After she was done preening the blood off her claws, the vampire girl started to approach the woman that would become her thrall and serve her. Though the priestess could see Blackrose coming toward her, all the will to run from the undead cat seemed to be draining from her body. As Blackrose held her new servant’s chin, she tilted the priestess’s head to the side, exposing her neck. The cat girl’s fangs appeared, ready to pierce the woman’s flawless skin.

As the vampire girl lowered her fangs to her victims neck, the priestess started to pray to the Air Dragon for protection. A small yelp came from her lips as Blackrose sunk her fangs in and as the cat girl drank her blood, the priestess shook because she knew she would die or become a vampire herself. The undead cat removed her fangs after taking enough to start the victim’s descent.

The cat looked at the priestess and her dark smile appeared on her face before walking into the shadows. As she held her hand over the still bleeding wounds, the priestess questioned why the vampire smiled at her, but that wasn’t important. It didn’t take long before the priestess began to feel light headed and her thoughts started to become clouded .

She knew she needed to get to the temple while still conscious, but as the priestess started to fumble back up the steps she fell and passed out. The holy men and women who looked on could see the vampire’s mark upon the priestess’s neck, and, though she was a part of that temple, some refused to give her aid. Others came to carry the limp girl’s body inside, but while doing so, they didn’t know what horror they invited in.

The people rushed her into a room, getting bandages, boiled water and began dressing the bite. While cleaning the puncher wounds with holy water, the priestess started thrashing about so bad that a few of the holy people needed to hold her down. When they saw the girl react to the liquid made questions begin to fill the room about whether or not she could be saved. Questions continued to fly while they tied her down and after doing so everyone emptied the room.

That night, the priestess saw unsettling images of death and destruction at the hands of the vampire girl who bit her. The priestess tried fighting Blackrose as her mind blended with the holy girl’s but the cat girl quickly took control. With a gesture of her hand, the cat made the restraints disappear from her thrall’s wrists and ankles.

When the restraints disappeared, the cat lifted her hand which made the priestess rise. Blackrose smiled while testing the tool that would be used in her plot against Dante. Like a puppet on strings, the cat girl made the priestess punch and tackle an invisible enemy. Once satisfied, Blackrose’s face formed in her thrall’s mind, telling the priestess to come to her.

With a blank expression on her face, the once holy lady slowly made her way out of the room and down the temple’s stone hall. A priest who came to check on her saw the priestess walking to the door and stepped in her path asking her what was wrong. The priestess’s breathing became labored as her face molded into a smile while thoughts flowed in her head. Some force in the seemingly mindless girl made her back fist the unsuspecting man with superhuman strength, making him hit the wall.

After knocking him aside, a demonic laugh came from the priestess like she took some sort of twisted pleasure at the deed her mistress made her do. When the possessed girl finished laughing about what she did, she continued walking out to her mistress. Blackrose appeared by a tree to meet her servant and her thrall got on a knee before the cat girl’s feet.

Watching her slave at her feet gave the vampire girl delight because she knew this game of cat and mouse could now begin. The cat disappeared with her slave to hunt their prey and, using her heighten senses, it didn’t take long to find the man Blackrose set herself up to kill. As the vampire and her thrall passed overhead, a chill went up Dante’s spine.

At the same time when his hand took hold of the Kahimoto sword’s handle, the question what was that started rattling in his mind. While his eyes scanned the area, Dante knew something was there, because it had felt as though something had walked over his grave.

Looking out into the void, Elisa wondered what the man she had traveled with saw. Sure, she knew Dante seemed to have supernatural abilities that he used in battle, but she couldn’t see any threat. Wondering if she should draw her sword or not, the woman knew the man never slept too much, so it would stand to reason that he could be unbalanced, but she wasn’t sure.

Minutes that felt like hours passed until the girl saw Dante’s grip on his sword relax and she gave a sigh of relief. Even though his hand came off the blade’s handle, the Izurian warrior still had a feeling something or someone had their eyes on him. He couldn’t stand mind games, whoever it was in the shadows, in his mind had no honor to face him. After thinking that however, Dante realized he needed to settle himself, because whatever it was would make its’ presence known soon enough.

As the two started going into a dive of a tavern, the dark mist began to lift, revealing Blackrose and her thrall. “So, this man’s my prey?” the cat asked herself in a mumble. A grin appeared on her face while the image of him danced in her head and she knew she saw anger in him. Wanting to waste no time, Blackrose waved her hand and a brown cloak appeared, dressing her slave The vampire girl instructed her servant to go in and let her observe more of him.

With the same blank stare, the cat girl’s mindless puppet walked into the filth infested building, seating herself in a dark corner of the room, behind Dante and his companion. An eerie pleasure took hold of Blackrose while using her thrall’s eyes to gather more on her target and at some point, the question, “What is this human girl to him?” started to run through the cat girl’s head.

As with anything of the sort, relations didn’t matter to the vampire cat, because she began entertaining ways to kill the human female. In the tavern, a man who looked like he had to much to drink began staggering up to Dante from behind. Either he didn’t see the man coming, or it didn’t concern him, whatever the case, the Izurian warrior started taking the Kahimoto apart to clean it.

He started wiping the steel blade down with the polish his mother, Yoruichi, gave him before he left to come here. The drunk started to bait Dante by saying that Daltauria went to trash since Queen Chanista’s death. It wasn’t surprising that no reaction came from the sitting warrior, for he knew this. Continuing to see how far he could goad Dante before he reacts, the drunk said it was his fault she died.

After Dante heard what the man said, his mood changed to anger. Sure, he knew that the guy just wanted to hear himself talk, but the Izurian did all he could for the queen, after all, they were friends. Elisa knew from her companion’s expression that the man had best stop if he had a value on his life, but like any other man addicted to the drink, he kept talking. While the man kept spouting nonsense, all that went through Dante’s head was, “You know NOTHING!”

As the cat girl watched this unfold through her slave’s eyes, Blackrose started to question why her target wasn’t reacting to the drunk’s accusations. She knew that if the drunk came up to her and started talking in this way, she would have no trouble taking his life. The vampire girl continued observing and waited. Back inside, Dante could no longer take the man’s lie that it was the Izurian’s fault for everything.

Nobody, not even Blackrose, saw Dante when he went for the handle, which sat on the table. With lightening speed, the warrior hit the man’s throat with the butt of it and before the dazed man knew what happen, the warrior grabbed a handful of hair, slamming the drunk’s head against the wooden table. What the vampire girl saw her target just do made her dark grin appear on her furry face, because something told her that she shared something with this human, which could make killing him more enjoyable for her.

While the drunk laid motionless on the dirt ridden floor, Dante told him he did everything humanly possible to keep Queen Chanista from death and if the man hates how the land is then DO something about it. After saying that, the memory of when he saw his friend dead started to flash before his eyes, forcing the warrior to question the subject again. Sure, Dante knew he did everything he could for her in life, but if he did something differently, maybe she would be alive today.

The question kept biting at him while he put the Kahimoto sword together. Elisa didn’t see her travel companion like this before. To her, it seemed as though the man she looked up to took on a darker personality and the woman started to wonder if she should say something or not. When the last piece of his sword had been put in place, Dante put it back in its’ sheath and looked at the girl. She knew by his look that they were about to head out.

Satisfied with what she learned about her target, Blackrose made a gesture with her hand, summoning her thrall back to her side. Eager to get the game off, the vampire cat girl smirked as she and her puppet began to walk into the shadows, to follow the pair. While jumping through shadows, Blackrose’s ears started twitching as the vampire got close to her prey. Both Blackrose and her slave perched themselves on a branch of a tree that faced an old inn.

That same chill came up the Izurian warrior’s spine as before when outside the tavern. Looking out of the window, something didn’t sit right about the feeling this time. His hand took hold of his sword, which he kept beside him at all times. Something told him that he should get into his chair and ready himself for whatever this might be. Not a second went by after he seated himself in the wheelchair did a voice call out saying, “So, you are my prey.”

He knew the disembodied voice belonged to a woman, but it had a cold tone to it. Dante scanned the room with eyes as his hand started drawing the Kahimoto from it’s scabbard. Being toyed with like this had to be the worst thing that made him mad since coming to this land. Elisa shot out of her bed like something drove her from it, but Dante gave a look, telling her to stay back.

Rolling his chair outside the building, the Izurian saw darkness retreat from the area, revealing a Bengal cat girl and a girl that looked as if her mind wasn’t her own. By the look of the cat she couldn’t be any girl and though he had been in this land a short time, Dante recalled talk of a race of vampire cats. While looking at her, he knew that seeing this type of vampire wasn’t common, but , “She should not be taken lightly.” crossed his mind on more then one occasion

The thought also occurred to him that Alexandros had hired her to kill him, but no, this vampire looked like she wanted to hunt for fun, nothing else. Even though he knew this vampire girl marked him in her twisted game, Dante found himself drawn by the cat girl, the same way he found Queen Chanista attractive. “She is here to kill me,” the Izurian had to keep reminding himself to keep from getting caught off guard.

The way she read his body language gave Blackrose power, because she knew her toy questioned himself about fighting her. While drawing her sword, the steel scrapped along the rickety scabbard, making a loud evil noise and the vampire girl could tell the sound bothered her play thing. Though she only observed him a short time and Blackrose didn’t know how this man did in battle, but to her, this would be his test for her to see what he could do.

With her smirk plastered on her face the vampire girl chose to send her thrall in first as a sacrificial lamb, but before the mindless woman could get near Dante, Elisa ran and tackled the puppet. What the Izurian warrior saw sent him screaming at the girl, because he told her to stay back, but he didn’t know the vampire cat planned this and she launched after him with superhuman speed. Even though his eyes had been off Blackrose for a second, when he turned back to look at the vampire, he saw the cat girl bringing her sword down from overhead.

At the last second, the Izurian brought the Kahimoto up and blocked the vampire girl’s blade. He couldn’t believe that he let himself get distracted like this, he knew he had been trained better. Blackrose saw her prey’s mind on his companion’s well being, so she started applying more force downward, making Dante’s arms bend. Several thoughts began to flood through the Izurian’s mind at once, but what needed done about the cat girl’s blade, that seemed to be closing, took priority.

Dante knew of one technique that could work to get her off him, but it had a degree of risk. Unable to think of anything better, the warrior began bending one arm, parrying the vampire’s blade over his shoulder and using the Kahimoto’s butt, he hit the undead cat in the side of her face. Though able to shrug off the strikes easily, Blackrose jumped away from her target and told him that she was impressed by his resourcefulness.

She spoke the truth when she said that, because, throughout her immortal life, the cat girl couldn’t recall anybody that parried her like that. Dante didn’t know if the vampire meant what she said as a compliment or something to mislead him, so he reset his stance, waiting for her next move. Blackrose set her stance as well, though she knew she had her powers on her side, the vampire girl wanted to play this mortal’s game.

Questions started to enter the vampire cat’s mind while studying her mortal target’s eyes, trying to guess his move. Of course the feline could use her powers and read his mind, but it would defeat the test she set for him. Looking back at her, Dante knew he had a disadvantage because of the ground being rocky and uneven. To him, if he had to reveal that he could walk, the vampire would press her attacks harder. He wasn’t saying that Blackrose’s first attack wasn’t easy to get away from, but if she found out his secret, she would most definitely finish him.

The time of judgment came when both the vampire cat and her target came at each other at full speed. Though he had the Kahimoto sword in a hand, Dante began going faster, but the ground wasn’t making it easy. At a point of coming toward him, Blackrose spun her body to add momentum to her attack and so did the Izurian warrior. A loud bang could be heard when the vampire cat girl’s sword crossed with her target’s blade and she gave a bestially growl.

While parrying the other’s blade to get advantage, the vampire started to be surprised at how her mouse could keep pace with her. For Blackrose, this might be the first male she could respect, but in her mind, she still wanted to see his blood on her crawls. Dante, on the other hand felt like he could get lost in the undead cat’s eyes, as if he saw a fate with her. He knew that wouldn’t be, of course, because she most likely had other plans if he lost.

Dante didn’t see how it happened, but the vampire girl knocked his sword from his hand, sending it spinning until the blade came to rest in the earth. She won, he knew this, so looking into her eyes, the Izurian gave the vampire cat a bow telling her that she fought well, take his head. Blackrose grinned widely and started twirling her sword while the pure high of a kill excited her, but as her sword came down, she stopped.

The undead cat knew she wanted to kill this man before her, it had been why she tracked him and waited for all this time. So she began asking herself, “Why did I stop myself?” For the vampire girl, questions about killing had no place in her mind, she killed out of necessity or pleasure. When Dante lifted his head, he could see the vampire cat wrestling with questions that were obviously preying on her mind. Blackrose came to the conclusion that she couldn’t kill him, because she respected him as a warrior, but next time she faced him, her blade would bath in his blood.

With that firmly edged in her mind, the vampire put her blade back in its’ sheath and started to back away, never taking her eyes off him. To the cat girl, this set back just prolonged her fun and she told Dante this, even though her mind still flooded with questions. After motioning for her thrall, who had Elisa pinned on the ground, shadows came behind Blackrose and both she and her slave disappeared.

Though he knew his travel companion wouldn’t like what had to be done, Dante needed to put her somewhere safe, because it became clear that he couldn’t fight while worrying about her. Oh, he admitted that she helped him tremendously, but if the vampire made good on her promise, he couldn’t allow his friend hurt or killed. As he made his way to retrieve his sword, thoughts of how to tell Elisa started forming in his head, but Dante knew however way he told her, the girl wouldn’t like it.

When he took the Kahimoto out of the ground, a quick motion of the Izurian’s wrist sent it upright in his hand. After putting it back in its sheath, Dante sighed slightly while turning his wheelchair and going to tell her what she didn’t want to hear. He knew what her reaction would be, but she had to know his decision was made to keep her safe. After all no matter what she said, his word would be final and Elisa would need to respect it.

When he told her, her face began to tell him that she didn’t like it, but being with the man, who she looked upon like a mentor, Elisa knew the Izurian warrior had her safety in mind.”Understood,” she said while giving a bow and the two started walking off. As they traveled, seeking a place that his companion could be safe, something kept poking the corner of Dante’s mind. When the vampire cat appeared, she had what looked like a priestess serving her.

This left the question of, “How the woman happen to fall under the vampire’s power?” From what he knew, the cat girl couldn’t enter holy places, no vampire could. After entertaining that a while, drawing the conclusion that she lured the woman off the grounds and bit her. Knowing that, Dante told Elisa not to go outside the temple under any circumstance once he left her there.

Though she knew he would never admit it, the female knight saw the worry in her mentor’s eyes and gave a nod, agreeing to his terms. As soon as a Dragmoia temple came into sight, the Izurian warrior let out a heavy sigh of relief. True, he heard the followers the religion were said to worship four dragon gods of Ervere, but the sigh came from knowing his friend would be safe if the vampire girl appeared.

The heavy iron door knocker made a earth shaking noise while Dante started using it to summon someone. After knocking a few times, the waiting seemed to take forever and the warrior’s eyes began scanning the surrounding area as if the vampire could strike at any moment. When the large wooden began to creek open, an old bald priest greeted the two. As Dante sat by the door, he began to explain to the holy man that his traveling companion needed shelter for now.

By the look in the Izurian’s eyes told the priest everything and, moving aside, he let Elisa in. After she went in, the girl looked at her mentor with worry in her eyes. Dante saw the worry within her, but he knew he did the right thing and turned away. He could feel Elisa’s eyes staring at him while wheeling into the dark, but saying goodbye wasn’t one of his strong points and goodbye sounded too final.
To be continued….

Copyright 2016-2018 Shadowlight996



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