State Of Things

First let me begin by saying I have one or two writing tips left in my “Tips & Advice series, so hold on inspiring writers. And for the past day or so, Deadra’s story, “Darkest Pleasures” has been added too, but as of late, home shit has me in a funk. On New Year’s eye, I vowed never to let my family issues bleed into this blog, & they won’t, but I need an outlet just this one.


Lately, my nephew has been giving the tea I’ve bought for myself to his spoiled brat three year old & the kid bothers me, begging me by crying, whining to give him some when I make it. Now, I’m not selfish, if he were sick, I’d give him some, but daily it’s “I WANT HOT COFFEE!” I tell him no, and it is tea, but he says it 5 times, the child just has no structure or rules! When he screams at me, it takes all I’ve got not to disipline him myself, (& yes, I cannot deal with kids, goman.)


Today/tonight my nephew hurt my feelings, adding to my depression… I will not repeat what was said, but yeah.


As for the book chapters I’ve been letting people preview. While I’m grateful for the likes, as they push me forward, I’ve decided to stop posting em here. Don’t want you knowing everything, do I? 🙂 However, I’ll post the first four chapters on Fictionpress, so if anyone wants the link to my FP Profile, feel free to let me know. 🙂


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