Catching up 2: FateOf My You Tube Channel

I’m going to treat these typeΒ  of post as a person post, telling you how I’m doing and what I have going on. As I covered in a post a while back, (don’t recall the title), but it explained that I had a you tube channel that was geared toward console gaming. However, since my interest in console gaming is dead, I’ve decided to revamp the channel to focus on my other interests: R/C Cars, PC gaming, Martial Arts. With that in mind,Β  steps will be taken.


Step one was already applied. I posted two videos of me playing a game on the computer last week, and though they haven’t had many views, I’m not one to get hung up on if people watch what I throw up or not, because to me, I just do videos for fun.


Step two: Sometime soon, time will be spent going through the channel’s subscriber list & I’ll be weeding out some channel who aren’t producing content anymore, just console gaming, or what have you. Now you maybe thinking, “Why don’t I just start a new channel?” Well, thanks to google’s wisdom, I have three other channels I don’t use, so I could begin again. HOWEVER, making new clip art etc. for me, wasn’t easy, & the thought of doing it again would blow my mind! So, me don’t wish to start over. πŸ™‚


Final step: I’ll be gettingΒ  a web cam and a cellphone camera to shoot me working out and shoot some RC goodies.


Catching Up

This maybe a long or short post, depends on how much I want to spill today, as there is a lot on my mind. I forgot the last time a post went up by me, so if it has been last Monday/Tuesday, sorry, but here’s the reason why. We all know when the end of Winter draws near, signuses are infected, leaving you on your back with a few stacks of tissue near. Well, Tuesday night, I began feeling ill, & by Wednesday, a train hit me with a stuffy nose etc.


All wasn’t lost, because through my issues, I wrote up a storm. Seriously, all I did was write, delegating between three works, adding a lot to each piece! But I’m really happy with is the fact the book chapter was hit hard, without even a thought! πŸ™‚ The two days I’ve worked on it, the words just came to meΒ  & I’m happy to say, in two or three more chapters the flag ship of the Starcross Love vampire series will be ready to be published, (Or I hope someone will want to publish it)! With that said, stay tuned for a special announcement.


In other news, my next anime review will be of Akame Ga Kill, due up sometime soon, but I need a warning here: If you will disagree with me, lets chat about it, please no flame comments.

Went On A Writing Rampage

Pretty proud here! πŸ™‚ Saturday, the floodgates were opening and I took full advantage by adding a few good paragraphs to the vampire novel I left off on. However, what happen next was so gooooood πŸ˜› The plan was to bed down at 2AM-ish, so I could get up and watch the Daytona 500, but the words were flowing to good that I needed to rip myself from the PC at 4 Sunday morning! πŸ™‚


That’s what happens to writers, once we get on a kick, we don’t wanna shut our muses up! Even earlier today, I added more to the chapter, making corrections as I went. I’m now almost midway to page six, and two characters are able to fight, which I can’t wait to write the scene for! While I’m planning on continuing the chapter this week, it has become apparent a good rest is key to keeping my mind clear! After after I look deeper into a manga creator, I’m off to bed…:)

Inspiration Continues

While the book chapter has yet to be continued, something that will be attacked tomorrow or Thursday, I did start Jasmine’s story, & worked on it until 2am. Like I said, there isn’t a title for this one yet, due to me just writing, but I’m thinking about one. I know some of you might be thinking, “Get back to the novel chapter already!” and I will. πŸ™‚


In the time off from writing the book chapter, a mental map formed helping me come up with a list of tasks Blackrose and Dante/Xavior must face together before I end the first book. I’m even tossing around something “special”, but more on that another time! πŸ™‚

Something A bit Different Today! :)

Today there will be two items going up, this one and something writing related. If anyone reads my content about gaming or read my Bio on here, you’ll read that I’m an ex console gamer who has Cerebral Palsy, leaving me with one hand. But before IΒ  sound like I’m down on myself, please note I do well with what I have.


In my gaming hobby, I’ve learned to adapt some games so that they could be played one handed, & while my game play wasn’t perfect, the important thing was the fact that I played as well as possible, given my limitation. That sat however, in recent years, console games have gotten to button happy. What does that mean? I’ll use this example. If I wanted to pick an item up, the button to do that might be out of my reach. True games offered other button layouts, (maybe four), but nothing I could use.


Recently, I’ve rediscovered my love for gaming on PC and I’ve been enjoying myself. And while I’m not saying the computer beats the console any day, (Okay, I’ve said it), you can custom bind keys on any PC game, making it easier to play. In the two games I have, the button bindings were the first to be changed. Oh sure, a PC game pad’s used for one game, but sue me. πŸ™‚


If there are people with disabilities who read this post and want to play games, but think they may not be able to, don’t lose heart, there’s a way! πŸ™‚ Below are two You Tube videos I’ve shot that show me playing a game. Please enjoy!! ^_^


I’m Motivated!!!!!

This was due up yesterday, (Sunday), but working off little sleep, I didn’t do much of anything. Today however, something snapped in me, making me motivated to attack things! What are they? Well, I explain below! πŸ™‚


First off, I’ve decided to go ahead and shoot the videos, (yes two) of me playing a PC game later today, after I write this, and put them on my you tube channel as a way to reboot the channel. Furthermore, my old videos will be taken down, because I no longer care to be known as a console gamer. Plus, this rebooted channel will showcase not only PC Game play, but my love for R/C trucks & other hobbies.


Along with that motivation, late Saturday, Blackrose bit me as a way of telling me to continue writing the book chapter that I left off at, & I know not to get her angry, so that’s on today’s to do list! With that, before getting up, inspiration hit for Jasmine’s piece,Β  which might sound like I’m overdoing it with ideas, but like I said, when my muses talk I type.





Not sure of a title yet, I just feel like writing! πŸ™‚ So yeah, motivation has me raring to go and I’m not gonna deny it! If you deny the want to get anything done, you’ll never reach your goals in life. “Quote by Shadowlight996”

Tossing This Around

Yesterday, going deep into the night, a fellow blogger and I talked about her book trailer she made, & the subject that I have a few of my erotic stories that I’d like to see drawn was brought up. I told her that an artist was on retainer, but doesn’t do Hentai projects, which I understand completely. Might I add, I blow at drawing, but think you can figure that out. Lol! πŸ™‚


Anyway, she suggested some programs that take photos and turn em into pencil drawings etc. For me, that maybe possible. I mean, I do have the female characters that I created in that game ready, so it is possible. All I need is to create the men.


Does anyone know the software I’m speaking of?



Thank you Ana Spoke! πŸ™‚