Personal Blog #2:It’s Funny What Motivates

I had no intention of doing a second personal blog post, because this year, I wanna focus on writing, anime and R/C car topics. With that said however, since what happened Sunday jarred me to write, figured it was post worthy.


As some may know, I’ve been in a mood where the motivation to write is there, I felt it, but if someone said anything negative, it’d depress me, stopping my creative flow. Well, after getting up and some tea in me, the keyboard was setup and I tried adding to Darkest Pleasures, Deadra’s story. At first, it started off good, I’ve typed a line, but then, my nephew’s girlfriend came home, rehashing the same fight, which muffled my juices. Yes, I was more than a little mad, truth be told, I want her to just go, but I used her nonsense!


Deadra 1

While those two fought, I wrote a few of the best paragraphs all week, some having me feel like myself again! Hell, I wanted to keep going, but knew if I did, I’d be up until 3a.m. 🙂 Amazing what motivates one, hmm?


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