Tips And Advice For Beginner Writers 7: Character Dialouge

Forgive the absence of this series, but I needed to plan how to word this topic without wheeling over feet. In this post, how to properly write dialogue between two or more characters. Before going further, I was a victim of this in my early works so yeah.


When the writing bug bit me, I thought writing two characters talking on the same line was the right way of doing things, but my adopted brother set me down the right path, & if he reads this, thank you Adrian! After he did, people wanted me to proof their works, but after seeing the same error, I’ve made, I tried counseling them, but they didn’t wish to listen, so I stopped proofing. However, in my time proof reading, there are some excuses people fed me that made me twitch, reason I’m not going into, just trust me! 🙂


Here are examples of what NOT to do. “Oh hi love, miss me?” character one said as she hugged her boyfriend. “Hey Sarah, did you make the flight okay?” he replied returning the hug.


Above serves as a flow interruption and just doesn’t look good. When writing two characters in conversations, it is a good rule to treat them as you would separate paragraphs, that way they contribute to the story, instead of interrupting it. Example:


When Sarah saw her boyfriend waiting at the airport, her arms went around his neck as she said, Oh hi love, miss me?!”


“Hey hon, did you make the flight okay?” he asked her in her ear as he returned the hug.


You see above how I did that? This is one way of properly employing the method. Another is try to build a paragraph around the conversation, if possible.


As always, I’d like to hear your thoughts, of if you think I missed anything. Please comment and tell me! 🙂


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