Very Proud PC Gamer Here

Well, as I type this, I’m still happy about what was accomplished last night! Several months back, the choice was made to move from being a console gamer to a PC gamer. While some on PC may think they’re a master race, my decision to switch wasn’t part of that debate, though I will say some games do run better on PC. My reasons to switch was due to a few ps3 gamers stressed me out, no matter what game I played. Also, there were few console games that I could play with my disability, but on PC, almost any game game has button rebinding, which helps me!


The first game I bought on Steam was Crysis 2, & off and on played it, trying to workout rebindings, best way to go into fire fights etc. Given my disability, going in guns blazing isn’t the best,at times at least. How do I play? Mostly stealthily, trying to get around some places, where enemies, would kick my ass and I’d know it! 😛 With that said, I fought when stealth wasn’t a good choice.


Anyway, Tuesday afternoon and night, I sat on Steam, playing Crysis 2, hoping to beat the campaign, & at 11pm, I got to the end! After months of playing, the game was beaten. True the game’s old and came out on PS3, Xbox 360, but the console versions did not support much control remapping, the PC version does. Man, it felt great completing a game unplayable on console.


Might use my video card’s capture option and play a level of that to show people that I can play on PC. It won’t be a complete walk through, but something different. 🙂


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