State Of Things 2

For the past few days, I’ve felt eh-ish, like I wanna get on my stories or here and write, but something side tracks me. Anyway, what could be the last writing tip I give will be posted soon, (if not tomorrow, by the weekend). Somethings were added to Deadra’s story, Darkest Pleasures last night, so that’s good! Not sure if it is up to my usual grade of work, wanna add more before I let eyes proof it.


Today, I did something to my You Tube channel I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. What is that, you ask? I added clip art & kinda hinted at the format changes that I had in mind, (PC game play, R/C Truck/Car running/showoff vids and sword videos)! 🙂 Speaking of R/C. I called the hobby shop today and my truck is completely DONE! 🙂 Talking new body, bigger tires, blue upgraded parts AND brushless system! Heh, me wonder if I can handle the speed now! Ah, in April I’ll find out. 🙂


Back to the You Tube channel. For those who weren’t aware that I had one, I do. Started it in 2010 as a way to showcase how I play PS3 games for a now defunked blog and people liked it, so it was added too. But in time, games that I tried playing became to button happy. What’s worse, killing my console days were the players on PSN. Aside from some nice people, (who were and are still my friends), others were assholes to me. So rather than stress on PSN, I moved to PC gaming & I’m less stressed! 🙂 Oh the PS3’s still used, as a dvd/blue ray player.


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