What Music Speaks To You?

Throughout my youth, (age 10-18), there have been songs that have spoken to me, letting me open up, channel emotions or helped clear my head to write. Some songs were blasted to help me with my sword form, help me think & make me work through anger issues, while others brought a tear to the eye.


In this post, I’ll share some songs from my youth & today that motivated me etc. please enjoy. 🙂 This first one, November Rain, done by one of my favorite metal bands, Guns & Roses. True, the type of song wasn’t for everyone, but it is a nice song that brought and still brings a tear to my eye. In fact, back then, I wanted this to be played at my wedding, if I found a wife.





Ah Enigma, one of the best bands to calm down with, and yes, another song made it into this post, “Return to Innocence” is high on my list due to the, well take a listen. Plus, one of my muses uses the song to calm her demonic side.




Though some of my old neighbors might’ve labeled me odd for playing this song, Enigma’s Gravity Of Love was another song that I’ve used to find my center with & I still use it to deal with issues.




Lastly is a song by Rammstien entitled Moskau, (hope the spelling’s right). Even though most of their songs were used to either snap me back into a decent mood or help me cope with the loss of my parents, Moskau helped the most! I still listen to it, even of my nephew thinks it’s a bad message. Oh, please! Lol.





What do you think of these songs? Do they speak to you too? Let me know your favorite type of music to write, workout or calm down with.

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