I’m Motivated!!!!!

This was due up yesterday, (Sunday), but working off little sleep, I didn’t do much of anything. Today however, something snapped in me, making me motivated to attack things! What are they? Well, I explain below! 🙂


First off, I’ve decided to go ahead and shoot the videos, (yes two) of me playing a PC game later today, after I write this, and put them on my you tube channel as a way to reboot the channel. Furthermore, my old videos will be taken down, because I no longer care to be known as a console gamer. Plus, this rebooted channel will showcase not only PC Game play, but my love for R/C trucks & other hobbies.


Along with that motivation, late Saturday, Blackrose bit me as a way of telling me to continue writing the book chapter that I left off at, & I know not to get her angry, so that’s on today’s to do list! With that, before getting up, inspiration hit for Jasmine’s piece,  which might sound like I’m overdoing it with ideas, but like I said, when my muses talk I type.





Not sure of a title yet, I just feel like writing! 🙂 So yeah, motivation has me raring to go and I’m not gonna deny it! If you deny the want to get anything done, you’ll never reach your goals in life. “Quote by Shadowlight996”

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