Something A bit Different Today! :)

Today there will be two items going up, this one and something writing related. If anyone reads my content about gaming or read my Bio on here, you’ll read that I’m an ex console gamer who has Cerebral Palsy, leaving me with one hand. But before I  sound like I’m down on myself, please note I do well with what I have.


In my gaming hobby, I’ve learned to adapt some games so that they could be played one handed, & while my game play wasn’t perfect, the important thing was the fact that I played as well as possible, given my limitation. That sat however, in recent years, console games have gotten to button happy. What does that mean? I’ll use this example. If I wanted to pick an item up, the button to do that might be out of my reach. True games offered other button layouts, (maybe four), but nothing I could use.


Recently, I’ve rediscovered my love for gaming on PC and I’ve been enjoying myself. And while I’m not saying the computer beats the console any day, (Okay, I’ve said it), you can custom bind keys on any PC game, making it easier to play. In the two games I have, the button bindings were the first to be changed. Oh sure, a PC game pad’s used for one game, but sue me. 🙂


If there are people with disabilities who read this post and want to play games, but think they may not be able to, don’t lose heart, there’s a way! 🙂 Below are two You Tube videos I’ve shot that show me playing a game. Please enjoy!! ^_^



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