Went On A Writing Rampage

Pretty proud here! 🙂 Saturday, the floodgates were opening and I took full advantage by adding a few good paragraphs to the vampire novel I left off on. However, what happen next was so gooooood 😛 The plan was to bed down at 2AM-ish, so I could get up and watch the Daytona 500, but the words were flowing to good that I needed to rip myself from the PC at 4 Sunday morning! 🙂


That’s what happens to writers, once we get on a kick, we don’t wanna shut our muses up! Even earlier today, I added more to the chapter, making corrections as I went. I’m now almost midway to page six, and two characters are able to fight, which I can’t wait to write the scene for! While I’m planning on continuing the chapter this week, it has become apparent a good rest is key to keeping my mind clear! After after I look deeper into a manga creator, I’m off to bed…:)

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