Catching Up

This maybe a long or short post, depends on how much I want to spill today, as there is a lot on my mind. I forgot the last time a post went up by me, so if it has been last Monday/Tuesday, sorry, but here’s the reason why. We all know when the end of Winter draws near, signuses are infected, leaving you on your back with a few stacks of tissue near. Well, Tuesday night, I began feeling ill, & by Wednesday, a train hit me with a stuffy nose etc.


All wasn’t lost, because through my issues, I wrote up a storm. Seriously, all I did was write, delegating between three works, adding a lot to each piece! But I’m really happy with is the fact the book chapter was hit hard, without even a thought! 🙂 The two days I’ve worked on it, the words just came to me  & I’m happy to say, in two or three more chapters the flag ship of the Starcross Love vampire series will be ready to be published, (Or I hope someone will want to publish it)! With that said, stay tuned for a special announcement.


In other news, my next anime review will be of Akame Ga Kill, due up sometime soon, but I need a warning here: If you will disagree with me, lets chat about it, please no flame comments.


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