Catching up 2: FateOf My You Tube Channel

I’m going to treat these type  of post as a person post, telling you how I’m doing and what I have going on. As I covered in a post a while back, (don’t recall the title), but it explained that I had a you tube channel that was geared toward console gaming. However, since my interest in console gaming is dead, I’ve decided to revamp the channel to focus on my other interests: R/C Cars, PC gaming, Martial Arts. With that in mind,  steps will be taken.


Step one was already applied. I posted two videos of me playing a game on the computer last week, and though they haven’t had many views, I’m not one to get hung up on if people watch what I throw up or not, because to me, I just do videos for fun.


Step two: Sometime soon, time will be spent going through the channel’s subscriber list & I’ll be weeding out some channel who aren’t producing content anymore, just console gaming, or what have you. Now you maybe thinking, “Why don’t I just start a new channel?” Well, thanks to google’s wisdom, I have three other channels I don’t use, so I could begin again. HOWEVER, making new clip art etc. for me, wasn’t easy, & the thought of doing it again would blow my mind! So, me don’t wish to start over. 🙂


Final step: I’ll be getting  a web cam and a cellphone camera to shoot me working out and shoot some RC goodies.


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