RC Buying Advice Wanted

Though Project Venom has yet to be picked up from the hobby shop, (a task I hope my nephew follows through with this weekend), I’ve been thinking. Some months ago, I posted about retiring my Tamiya TLO1 this year due to the the car be discontinued, leaving little parts support for it & I’ve looked at Team Associated’s on road roller, thinking I might get it and get tires, a receiver etc. However, whenever I go to the only lot that’s close to our house to run my on road rc, people see me and ask if I need help since I’m in a chair.


I tell them that everything is fine, but they press the issue. Anyway, not anytime soon, but maybe for my birthday, I’ve been looking at two more Traxxas models, trying to decide which to get. Where I mainly ride my Stampede is in our yard, which is a good size, so I’m looking at getting the basic Traxxas Rustler of the Stampede 4×4. To me, both look like they’d do great on grass, but with all the reviews, videos, I’m confused.


Could someone give advice please?


Writing Setbacks, I HateEm!

Deadra 1


Ask anyone who knows me & they’ll tell you that I go bat crap crazy when something sets me back. If I put in work on a project that took me a few hours of solid thought, only to take a break and find out something happened, causing me to redo it, it gets me out of the mood.


Yesterday, working on Deadra’s piece, it happened. I had a good pace going, laying down nice content, took a dinner break, only to find the text messed up, but couldn’t fix it, making me redo the paragraphs, from the last save point, kicking me out of the mood. Today, my butt was planted in front of my computer and though I loath rewrites, I worked all afternoon on it, getting good stuff down!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚


It started slow as I tried recalling what I’ve had last night, (gave up because my memory stinks), but once I got going, the words flowed. ๐Ÿ™‚ To me, this writing marathon’s going well.

Writing Update

Aki Yoshira


Like a man of my word, the writing marathon started yesterday with Aki’s rewrite & I’d say that it went well. Though started Saturday, I have two pages done, with me almost mid page three, but this story is done a bit differently. For the first few pages, I’m letting the characters have their own page to workout emotions, motivates Etc. I’ve never tried this before, but it flows really well.


Today, I think I’ll hit the book chapter and see what comes out, but right now, the spark of motivation is being lit and feels good!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ Unsure what I’ll work on tomorrow, (I don’t plan that far), I’m just feeling my inspiration coming back and I love it!


Feel free to comment or like. ๐Ÿ™‚

Week Of Writing Will Start Tomorrow

Going to challenge myself starting tomorrow and write my book & add to the other stories as well for a week. This will be used as a test to motivate me, which I feel I need, especially after the weeks of dryness I’ve had. What’s on my list? Look below to see what will be attacked…:)




The chapter of my vampire novel will be worked on. Left off in a fight scene that I had ideas on. Where I’d like to be in the chapter by Wed. is Blackrose and Xavior’s battle with her melfested evil at the least. There is a lot that needs to go in before that though, not that I’mย  complaining! After that, wellย  like the old version, of which I kinda following, but won’t share, I’ll only say that I can’t wait to write future chapters.


Aki Yoshira


A few of the erotic stories will be worked on, like the rewrite of Aki Yoshira’s piece, which I finally started on yesterday, (Friday). Don’t wanna spill much about my idea for the rewrite, but I’ll say I’m going darker with it!

Project Venom Is DONE!!


Remember that thing, that body I tried cutting myself to get better access to the ESC on/off button? Looks like a five year old did the work, right? Well, that body is no more! Yes, after dealing with the slacker & his telling me my Stampede was done when it wasn’t, my friend that works at the hobby shop completed the work Friday!!!


Yep, my baby is done getting loved, now all I need to do is have someone pick it up! Can’t wait to get it home so I can drool over the new look, but I’ll share some of the upgrades here. Since my old transmitter was dropped so much and kept shorting out, the shop put a new transmitter/receiver in. Pro Line trencher tires, (I dunno the wheels), the blue RPM upgrades were finished, so now the truck won’t have a identity crisis! ๐Ÿ™‚


They put in a castle creations brushless system, but I forget how many KV it is! And, two final upgrades! A 1950s or 1970s Pro-Line body, painted a nice black, with body clip holders, so I won’t lose clips! This RC season, I want to post pictures of the truck, along with running videos of it here, linked to my you tube channel. Once the weather stops temperature shifting, I’ll be out ripping the lawn up!

Anime Review: Samurai Troopers



Now this anime is one of my classic favorite series, one I still go watch to this day! Samurai Troopers or Ronin Warriors, (as it’s known in the states) is about five teens with mystical samurai armor who have to battle the lord of the nether realm, (Argo/Tulpha) and his horde of warriors & assassins.


The series starts kinda slow, but picks up, making you hunger in spots. So okay, back when I first watched this, (late 80s early 90s) I had to sit through dubbed voice overs, & if you know or have read my anime related posts, then you know I twitch if the English version is bad. I recommend the subbed version, if you grab it. Though my adult nephew dang near begged me to order the dubbed version, he doesn’t watch it and I’m not watching the dubbed version.


But I’m getting off subject. There isn’t enough time for me to go on about this series, other than go hunt for it! Sure, the anime is dated, but to me, it is a good series!

Anime Review: Akame Ga Kill



Before starting this, let me say though apart of me enjoyed this & I know Akame Ga Kill’s a dark action tragedy, the anime ticked me off every few eps. Oh, it starts out with a band of assassins called Nightraid killing members of the ruling kingdom who are a pressing the people, ultimately picking up a new member. Like with the Elfien Lied review, I won’t spoil the plot, so I’ll just say I’d like to watch the subtitled version.


Though I know the series is a dark tragedy, it pissed me off that as soon as I grew to care about a character in one episode, they died in the next. It wouldn’t have got to me if one or two died, but it got to a point where every time I watched someone was killed off and that seemed like every episode near the end! Should you watch it? Eh, I leave it to you. Rent it, but that’s it.


I invite anyone to discuss this anime with me. Do you like it?