Catching up 3: New setup, (Kinda), Writing

For a few days, I wasn’t online due to adjusting to a new tv/monitor setup. For years, a 13″ flatscreen served as my TV and my computer’s monitor, which worked well. That said, at times it gave me eye strain when reading something or writing, so the 13 incher was retired. Now, thanks to my nephew’s help, I’ve upgraded to a 38-40 inch TV,Β  and it helps! πŸ™‚


As for my writings. Again, my time’s being split between the book chapter & my erotic works, which to me, is how I roll. Sure, this year an effort is being made to complete my first novel, but days come when the erotic work just floods out, you know? I added to Ashley’s (below) story Friday, making it to page three, and it made me think about where I’m heading with her.




Unlike my usual stuff, her story will be my first real try at romance. Now, some might say, “But darklight, you stay clear of romantic erotica!” You’d be right, but I want to try. After all, if a writer stays in one genera to much, we die. πŸ™‚




I’ve also started a story with Jasmine (above) And though it is without a title, some aspects of her life were ironed out! I don’t wanna spill my idea I’m hashing out as I write, so don’t ask. πŸ˜›


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