Anime Review: Akame Ga Kill



Before starting this, let me say though apart of me enjoyed this & I know Akame Ga Kill’s a dark action tragedy, the anime ticked me off every few eps. Oh, it starts out with a band of assassins called Nightraid killing members of the ruling kingdom who are a pressing the people, ultimately picking up a new member. Like with the Elfien Lied review, I won’t spoil the plot, so I’ll just say I’d like to watch the subtitled version.


Though I know the series is a dark tragedy, it pissed me off that as soon as I grew to care about a character in one episode, they died in the next. It wouldn’t have got to me if one or two died, but it got to a point where every time I watched someone was killed off and that seemed like every episode near the end! Should you watch it? Eh, I leave it to you. Rent it, but that’s it.


I invite anyone to discuss this anime with me. Do you like it?


11 thoughts on “Anime Review: Akame Ga Kill

  1. Omg I said the same thing. When you get to know a character all of a sudden they take them away from you. I was like WTF. Lol I still liked the anime but pretty much the whole cast was gone but two. And my fav character esdeath why did they kill her 😭😭😭😭😭

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