Weekend Dealing With An Idiot

Last week, the local hobby shop was called to see if my truck was nearly done getting love. Well, there are two workers that work on RCs, one I trust and one I label a slacker. To my dismay, the slacker was the one doing the work on my truck, telling me it’ll be done last Saturday. My nephew went there Sat. & they couldn’t find it, (his words). So yesterday, Sunday, I called and talked to the guy I trust, wait until you read this!


He told me everything was done, but the slacker still needs to get the new motor/ESC in, which comes in this week. I told my friend that the slacker told me my RC would be ready that Saturday & that slacker just has shit coming out of his mouth and after this, I do not want him working on my stuff. The guy I trust agreed and was equally fed up with the other guy’s slacking. So he’ll take over, put the brushless system in & get it done this week.


If my friend leaves or quits, I’m SOL lol!

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