Writing Progression, With Pictures

Please excuse my lack of posting goodness, but it has been busy around here. Without going into a detailed explanation on my new floor for my room, let me start the first post of three today, & there will be pictures! 🙂






Asuka D'Cara

(Her and Xavior’s daughter, Asuka)

To start with, the book chapter. Yes, I still have the mindset to finish the first book in 2016 & hopefully get it proofed/published, which by reading how a follower self published her book, it sounded like a long road, which I’m not 100% really ready to do, I’d need help. But I’m getting off topic. In my head, I’d like to do three more chapters before putting a stamp on the book. However, with that said, there is a lot I would like to put in.


It might help my word count if long chapters were written, but to me, content means more than how many words I can type. Besides, I’m not sure how many K counts as an actual novel, anyone have feedback? 🙂 Later, I’m gonna see if Blackrose, (my muse) is awake & see what flows out of me. Since I’m looking ahead, it maybe time to reveal my idea, please read below for the details! 🙂


Xavior (Human)


Though this is not what Xavior looks like as a vampire, that picture’s on my PS3. How many of you put your Original Characters into other forms of writing? An anime fan fiction for example. A few of my friends do, & I’m planning on putting Vampire Xavior in one. An idea has been running in my head for a while now & details have been forming, but I don’t want to say more.


Aki Yoshira

Now to the erotic side of my writing. For sometime now, I haven’t been adding to Aki’s piece, mainly due to thinking about rewriting it, but do it as a hardcore story. An idea’s in my head for one & I may go for it, but more work on the book and other pieces need attention first.



Deadra 1


Not sure why, but my mind’s been in erotica mode as of late, and Darkest Pleasures, Deadra’s story was added too last week. When I say added, it was hit HARD! Not even half done, & a lot of good content made the page, which made me smile! 😛




Ashley’s piece, The Succubus’s Lover is another story that’s flowing out of me at a good pace. Sure, the page I left off at escapes me, but I know she’s tired of her boss & has a boot in his junk. As I write this, its making me wanna add to her piece, heh!




Finally, there’s Jasmine. Although no title hasn’t been found yet, something that doesn’t bother me to much, the story is coming along well. Pretty much settled on having be a rich girl who escaped her dad’s grasp by coming to a new realm, but was captured.


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