Anime Review: Samurai Troopers



Now this anime is one of my classic favorite series, one I still go watch to this day! Samurai Troopers or Ronin Warriors, (as it’s known in the states) is about five teens with mystical samurai armor who have to battle the lord of the nether realm, (Argo/Tulpha) and his horde of warriors & assassins.


The series starts kinda slow, but picks up, making you hunger in spots. So okay, back when I first watched this, (late 80s early 90s) I had to sit through dubbed voice overs, & if you know or have read my anime related posts, then you know I twitch if the English version is bad. I recommend the subbed version, if you grab it. Though my adult nephew dang near begged me to order the dubbed version, he doesn’t watch it and I’m not watching the dubbed version.


But I’m getting off subject. There isn’t enough time for me to go on about this series, other than go hunt for it! Sure, the anime is dated, but to me, it is a good series!

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