Project Venom Is DONE!!


Remember that thing, that body I tried cutting myself to get better access to the ESC on/off button? Looks like a five year old did the work, right? Well, that body is no more! Yes, after dealing with the slacker & his telling me my Stampede was done when it wasn’t, my friend that works at the hobby shop completed the work Friday!!!


Yep, my baby is done getting loved, now all I need to do is have someone pick it up! Can’t wait to get it home so I can drool over the new look, but I’ll share some of the upgrades here. Since my old transmitter was dropped so much and kept shorting out, the shop put a new transmitter/receiver in. Pro Line trencher tires, (I dunno the wheels), the blue RPM upgrades were finished, so now the truck won’t have a identity crisis! 🙂


They put in a castle creations brushless system, but I forget how many KV it is! And, two final upgrades! A 1950s or 1970s Pro-Line body, painted a nice black, with body clip holders, so I won’t lose clips! This RC season, I want to post pictures of the truck, along with running videos of it here, linked to my you tube channel. Once the weather stops temperature shifting, I’ll be out ripping the lawn up!


One thought on “Project Venom Is DONE!!

  1. Reblogged this on Sackville RC and commented:
    We love hearing from our readers and when we saw this post from a long time reader, we wanted to share it. People get into this hobby for a variety reasons but one thing for sure, this hobby puts a smile on all of our faces. We look forward to seeing the completed pictures of Project Venom. Please keep us posted.

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