Week Of Writing Will Start Tomorrow

Going to challenge myself starting tomorrow and write my book & add to the other stories as well for a week. This will be used as a test to motivate me, which I feel I need, especially after the weeks of dryness I’ve had. What’s on my list? Look below to see what will be attacked…:)




The chapter of my vampire novel will be worked on. Left off in a fight scene that I had ideas on. Where I’d like to be in the chapter by Wed. is Blackrose and Xavior’s battle with her melfested evil at the least. There is a lot that needs to go in before that though, not that I’m  complaining! After that, well  like the old version, of which I kinda following, but won’t share, I’ll only say that I can’t wait to write future chapters.


Aki Yoshira


A few of the erotic stories will be worked on, like the rewrite of Aki Yoshira’s piece, which I finally started on yesterday, (Friday). Don’t wanna spill much about my idea for the rewrite, but I’ll say I’m going darker with it!

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