RC Buying Advice Wanted

Though Project Venom has yet to be picked up from the hobby shop, (a task I hope my nephew follows through with this weekend), I’ve been thinking. Some months ago, I posted about retiring my Tamiya TLO1 this year due to the the car be discontinued, leaving little parts support for it & I’ve looked at Team Associated’s on road roller, thinking I might get it and get tires, a receiver etc. However, whenever I go to the only lot that’s close to our house to run my on road rc, people see me and ask if I need help since I’m in a chair.


I tell them that everything is fine, but they press the issue. Anyway, not anytime soon, but maybe for my birthday, I’ve been looking at two more Traxxas models, trying to decide which to get. Where I mainly ride my Stampede is in our yard, which is a good size, so I’m looking at getting the basic Traxxas Rustler of the Stampede 4×4. To me, both look like they’d do great on grass, but with all the reviews, videos, I’m confused.


Could someone give advice please?


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