Viewing A Favorite Anime From My Childhood Through New Eyes

Voltron (Beast King Golion)


“From days of long ago. From uncharted reigns of the universe, comes a legend. The legend of Voltron, defender of the universe.” Can’t remember how old I was when Voltron first caught me, all I know is I thought it came from America. Ah, to be young & naive! πŸ™‚ In the version from my childhood, five space explorers are sent to Planet Aeris to aid the torn planet that was ravaged by King Zarkon, of Planet Doom, only to be captured themselves.


Before going on, let me go on record and say that I know the company who had the rights to the anime did their best to make the show acceptable, but you’d think they could’ve thought up a better name than Planet Doom! Anyway, the five escape and crash land on PlanetΒ  Aeris, finding “The Castle Of Lions”. They also find Princess Alaura and Coran, (misspellings oi), who reveal the secret of Voltron. As a kid, the show had me hooked, though it seemed a bit cheesy at times.


When I say cheesy, a few things come to mind, but one thing stuck out and makes me twitch to this day. The dubbing company used male voice actors for some of the female voice overs. I have no trouble with that, but I don’t know if the person recording them made the voice high pitch and bad or what, but it awfully bad to listen to!

Voltron (Beast King Golion_2)


For people who aren’t aware, Beast King Golion is the original anime used for the American counterpart. I’ve watched the first few episodes of it last night so I could do this post today. From the start I saw why the dubbed aired version was edited so extensively, due to content, like any aired anime. However, this version gives more of the story, diving deeper into why things happen, again like all subbed anime, but there were scenes that should’ve stayed in the aired version, because the series would’ve made more sense.


Sure, edit the whippings, gore and things you wouldn’t wanna show kids back than, but have the dubbed version make sense in places! πŸ™‚ Once I can order things again, I’m picking up Beast King Golion, IF it’s available somewhere, but for now, you tube will be my source.


Looking Back

It is kind of funny how some people view me now. In my teens,Β  people around our neighborhood use to see me & wave, actually talk to me, like I’m human. This went on into my twenties, but after my mom got sick, it changed. After she had her stroke, she put the house in my name, but there were a few older people, (seniors) who would come by the home and virtually tell me I should not live there etc. etc. etc.

I got to a point where every knock on the door was met with my anger, ultimately ended up moving due to stress.Fast forward to now, though it rarely happens, people see me out, trying to enjoy life, my hobby or getting sun, & they assume since I’m in a wheelchair, nobody’s home upstairs. What happen to people?

Thinking About Working On Stories

Deadra 1

You know, since the weekend, I kinda let myself get sidetracked with the PC issues I’ve been having that my stories haven’t been loved. Can’t find the words to express how sorry I am for that, & my muses probably want to kick my brain, eh Blackrose, (below) may want to bite my neck! 😦 But today/tonight, a few open stories WILL be worked, enough monkeying around! ^_^




Speaking of my vampire cat woman up there, I’m hoping she’s in the mood to retell me everyt0hing I typed a week ago, but didn’t save, which I’m kicking myself for. Don’t you hate when you’re on a roll & you forget to save the copy? That’s me right now!


Besides Deadra’s (first picture) story Darkest Pleasures & Blackrose’s novel, Aki Yoshira’s, (below) “The Vampire & The Slayer” will be added to as well. I’d like to get a few more worked on tomorrow and Friday, before I take my hobby R/C outside to run the yard!


Aki Yoshira


Pffh, my mind’s loaded with at least six to eight open stories that it is hard to keep track of them all! πŸ™‚ With the above three, the last three young ladies Ashley, Jasmine and Skya (seen below) have unfinished works! Yeah, big list! πŸ™‚








(Elf princess Skya)

Okay, Everything’s Ready For Next Week

While typing this, I’m doing something that I hardly ever do now, listen to the music collection my adopted brother and sister gave me when I stayed with em years ago. When my roommates hear my music, they tell me I’m odd or worse, which has me fall of my wheelchair, laughing my ass off at their closed mindedness. Anyway two posts will be posted today, here’s the first! πŸ™‚


Took some work and gaming on my part, but everything’s setup for the play through next week.What I wanted to do is play through the game on the profile I’ve created first, getting most things unlocked etc. so when I do the videos, it won’t look like I’m a total newbie! πŸ™‚ However, fair warning: Because I’m one handed, there will be spots where I goof up, and spots where run and gunning won’t be done. Sometimes it isn’t best for me, so what I do is cloak, snipe as many enemies as possible, then proceed.


Plans how the videos will be done came to me last night. πŸ™‚

PC Issues And Future Plans

Sorry for dropping off the blogging raider yet again, but I’ve had PC issues I’m trying to lick so steps toward a fix can be taken. Every once in a while, when I turn my tower on, it’ll beep, showing my board info, but either hang not, booting windows or show the hard drive then ask if I want to boot from my cd/dvd drive. When it is restarted, it works, so weird.


My brother Adrian suggested the board might be going, which maybe the case. A friend said to check the thermal paste and memory. All this will be checked in a month, just need to get funds up. Just when I wanted to upgrade a few things on it too. 😦


In other news: I’m going ahead with the game play through in a week, & for anyone who wants to look, I’ll post a link to my you tube channel when the play through starts! πŸ™‚ Crysis 2 will be played & after I tweaked a setting having to do with mouse sensitivity, me don’t suck as bad! lol πŸ™‚


Aki Yoshira


On the writing front, progress has been slow but good. Aki’s new piece was added to and I plan on adding more in a bit! The book chapter is coming along, (just noticed that I forgot to save my last copy, wahh)! Could poke Blackrose and see if she’ll retell the parts I didn’t save, damn old age!

An Idea That Just Came To Me

As a few of my friends, & a few that read my little blog know I’m on you tube. Back in the day, before retiring from PSN, the channel content had me playing games the best I could despite being one handed. My PS3 days done, the videos were deleted to make way for a reboot, & I know what I’m wanting to do, PC Gaming videos, along with videos of my other hobbies! πŸ™‚


So, here’s my idea. I plan on doing a play through of a game & posting it to my channel starting in two weeks. I could link it here if some of you are interested. If you think you might like to watch me die some, (lol), please drop a like or comment! πŸ™‚

A Weekend Outside

Despite still having a little runny nose, my cvhoice was easy, I wanted to go outside . πŸ™‚ Yes, after months of being indoors, cabin fever etc. it was time to get out and enjoy myself, & I did just that! πŸ™‚ I charged the two packs and out I went.


Boy, it felt great being outside, let me start by saying that! When I first used the R/C, I accidentally rammed my leg with it, which made a few choice words come to mind, but I sucked it up & continued the fun. Having the throttle, reverse and steering all on the one stick wasn’t a problem at all, actually I found it easier than both sticks, (which I had before). Now, if I wanted too, I can use my thumb to drive, & by the way, that is the way I drive the truck! Look ma, I drive with one thumb! πŸ˜›


How does it run, post upgrade? Saturday, while having the beast out, all I wanted was to take it easy, get use to the truck since it was a year since I ran it, before the work. About all that I did Saturday were a few light laps in the yard, barely going all out. Compared to the stock engine, the new engine/esc kicks the stock one’s ass. When it was bone stock, though not often, it would get stuck in simple places, having me come get it. Now? “Oh, I’m stuck? I think NOT!” Powers through anything! πŸ˜›


Today, (Sunday) was speed day. I ran my Traxxas Stampede like a bat outta hell, almost hitting two squirrels, (Multi-roadkill), but by the sound, the one was pissed at the other. The speed of the R/C has doubled from 25-28mph to 45-48 maybe 50, I’m not sure. I’d like to clock it someday! All I know is, it is quick, the way I like it! πŸ™‚ Keep in mind, the two battery packs I have are a year old, but I can still get a good run out of them, (10-12 minutes at a guess), but I’m planning on getting a few new packs. Online, I know people are going LiPO packs, but IF not used or handled properly, they can catch fire, an I don’t wanna deal with that.


I will say, three semi bad flips happened while out Sunday, having me think something broke, but nothing was damaged. Sure, the wheelie bar got loose, I snapped it back on, & a body clip cane out, which I put back in.

Hopefully I can get pictures of the truck later! πŸ™‚