How Young Is To Young

Looking back over the years of being a die hard anime lover, there are a few series I’ve bought or brought home from anime conventions that I let my then young nephew watch that I tried to keep from him, due to content, (gore sex etc.). However, his mother, my sister, who doesn’t like anime, wanted me to let him view it, saying how bad can it be? Finally got fed up with him asking, so I hid it, but he found it.



Now he has two kids of his own and they are out of control, but I’m not going into that now. Last year, I’ve restarted buying anime again after a few moves made me lose my collection and like years ago, I’m dreading when his three year old hounds me to watch Elfian Lied or something gorier. Right now, the anime I buy is hidden in my room, away from their hands.


I maybe old fashioned, not letting kids watch gory anime, but how many agree with my stand?


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