My Keyboard’s On Fire!



Not really, but with all the typing I’ve been doing this week, it should be!  🙂 Last night, a few good paragraphs were added to two works & I couldn’t be happier. Most of all though, out of ALL the stories I’ve added to this week, chapter 5 of my vampire novel, which is gaining ground. 🙂 Still have a lot to go on it, but I’m happy!


Deadra 1


Deadra’s story, Darkest Pleasures was another story I’ve worked on a lot, having it motor along. After twelve or thirteen pages, it is almost complete. I planned a lot of erotic scenes, but if I put them in, thee piece will be huge, & I don’t feel like doing a big project with my other stories going on. Tomorrow, I want to try finishing it, after the race, and I’d love to add more to the book chapter.


I’m even tossing around extending the writing marathon!


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