Feeling That Itch

Y’know the itch you can’t get too, unless you watch old anime that you have in your collection? Yeah, that one! For the last week or so, I’ve been itching to go rewatch the two old anime movie and series I have in my library.



You can guess by the image what anime will be up first. Since Project A-ko was the first anime that truely broke me into the genera, it is only fitting I watch it first tomorrow. And yes, I’m gonna do a review of it, IF I can stop laughing myself out of my wheelchair long enough to focus on putting together a decent review. 🙂




After Project A-ko has been enjoyed, (& recovered from), M.S. Nadesico will be started, but since it’s a longer series than A-ko, I’ll be watching a dvd per night. 🙂


What anime do you go back too when you feel the itch?

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