Project Venom Is Home, Upgraded, But

Well, forgive me for not posting, working on stories yesterday, but I have a reason. After a week plus of delays, my R/C 2wd Stampede, code name Project Venom, which had me drooling. 🙂 Though still to cold, at least for my taste to get out and drive the truck, it felt great to have it home, after a year and four months. What was done to it? Less than I hoped, because of the slacker, but read below.


That body I hacked all to sin is gone, replaced with a 1950s Pro-Line Chevolet truck body, painted a nice black & I think white gravel spots. He painted a nice grill with detail and door handles, plus a detail on the truck bed. I’m almost afraid to use the body, it’s so sexy! However, the slacker didn’t put the body clip holders on, but it so happens that I have a set that I can skim from the car I retired and use those.


The back blue A Arms were added, so now the truck doesn’t look blue & black. A new TTX403 Transmitter/Receiver was put in, one thing though, the transmitter looks like it hasn’t grown up yet, lol. I’m serious, my bear claw of a hand might break it heh. Might take a bit to get use too, but I’m sure I will. Eight 5×11 bearings were added, along with a Castle Creations 4600 Sidewinder 3 KV brushless system, (which my friend Cameron installed).


To what Ken, the slacker didn’t bother with. It has been my experience when a battery pack gets a year old, it starts fading.So I asked him to put a battery pack aside for me, he didn’t. I wanted Pro-Line trencher tires put on, he didn’t do that either. Boy, if Cameron didn’t step in, I’d still be waiting

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