When The Muses Talk

You better listen. Last night, Blackrose, one of my muses got me into the writing mood, which I felt for a few days now. Though it doesn’t need saying, but it felt great & I was putting down good work. Honestly, I’ve had inspiration brewing since Sunday, but between, kids screaming, & life going on, I couldn’t get to write much until last night.


While I’m mid page seven, a stopping point is still faraway, because would like to fit much more than a fight and a first kiss into the chapter. But, what I did write was very well done, at least to me it was. I still want to have Bloodrose, (Blackrose’s dark counterpart) to appear and go after Xavior a bit, then maybe end the chapter. With  that said,  I know how I’d like to end the first book, so I’m not flying blind here. 🙂


Sound like something you might read?


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