While Messing Around, TheseTwo Characters Came To Light

Sorry for my drop again, but another keyboard took a lunch, leaving me offline and unable to write. I’m on my backup now, but even this one half works, so I’ll invest in a new keyboard and a cover soon. Anyway, on with the post.


As some who read my posts about gaming on the Playstation 3/PSN know I semi retired from gaming on it because of the idiots who think I’m a loser due to leaving games if the player spams or tries to hard to beat my ass, then says I’m trash etc. One of which posted a thread on gamefaq.com labeling me, warning people to avoid me. When I did play him, I blocked his attacks, thinking he’d adjust, but nope, he just kept on attacking, so yeah, I quit the match! However, I do hop on Soul Calibuar 5 from time to time and create my muses, which I love to do! 🙂


In fact, I’ve made the evil and good versions of Blackrose using that character creation tool, & though I had to adlib and change somethings, she looks about the same as in my dark mind, (heh heh). While today, I wanted to recreate two of my old ninja girls, but Sakura, (below), didn’t look like what I had before, a new kimono and glasses makes her standout!



(I’m a sucker for women who wear low cut kimonos and glasses)


What do you think? Sakura is 19 has a boyfriend, but she’s at risk of losing him due to her taking ninja missions over dating him. Could go into more of her backstory, but meet Raine!




She’s 22, & is Sakura’s rival, fighting her anytime! I may do a story with the two at a point, tossed an idea around yesterday!


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