The State Of Me

As of the time I type this, I’m being tortured by the signus gods and have been since Monday. Just love how the weather kept shifting between cold, warm, cold warm last week/weekend, but it is what it is. On with the post.


Tested my R/C for a second Monday and it works great with the mod I’ve added myself! Only thing that may screw with my head is the fact that the throttle, reverse & turning are all on one stick, but this nay be better because my big bear claw won’t be smashing the controller lol. šŸ™‚ I do plan on getting outside and run the truck, seeing how this new motor/esc works in the yard this weekend, nose drip or not! Yes, as soon as I get a camera phone, video and pictures will be taken.


Due to the keyboard issue last week that left my unable to write etc. I’ll rewatch Project A-ko in order to write a good review. Nothing but the best for my readers! šŸ™‚ And as soon as I get over this, Nadesico will be watched.






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