A Weekend Outside

Despite still having a little runny nose, my cvhoice was easy, I wanted to go outside . 🙂 Yes, after months of being indoors, cabin fever etc. it was time to get out and enjoy myself, & I did just that! 🙂 I charged the two packs and out I went.


Boy, it felt great being outside, let me start by saying that! When I first used the R/C, I accidentally rammed my leg with it, which made a few choice words come to mind, but I sucked it up & continued the fun. Having the throttle, reverse and steering all on the one stick wasn’t a problem at all, actually I found it easier than both sticks, (which I had before). Now, if I wanted too, I can use my thumb to drive, & by the way, that is the way I drive the truck! Look ma, I drive with one thumb! 😛


How does it run, post upgrade? Saturday, while having the beast out, all I wanted was to take it easy, get use to the truck since it was a year since I ran it, before the work. About all that I did Saturday were a few light laps in the yard, barely going all out. Compared to the stock engine, the new engine/esc kicks the stock one’s ass. When it was bone stock, though not often, it would get stuck in simple places, having me come get it. Now? “Oh, I’m stuck? I think NOT!” Powers through anything! 😛


Today, (Sunday) was speed day. I ran my Traxxas Stampede like a bat outta hell, almost hitting two squirrels, (Multi-roadkill), but by the sound, the one was pissed at the other. The speed of the R/C has doubled from 25-28mph to 45-48 maybe 50, I’m not sure. I’d like to clock it someday! All I know is, it is quick, the way I like it! 🙂 Keep in mind, the two battery packs I have are a year old, but I can still get a good run out of them, (10-12 minutes at a guess), but I’m planning on getting a few new packs. Online, I know people are going LiPO packs, but IF not used or handled properly, they can catch fire, an I don’t wanna deal with that.


I will say, three semi bad flips happened while out Sunday, having me think something broke, but nothing was damaged. Sure, the wheelie bar got loose, I snapped it back on, & a body clip cane out, which I put back in.

Hopefully I can get pictures of the truck later! 🙂


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