PC Issues And Future Plans

Sorry for dropping off the blogging raider yet again, but I’ve had PC issues I’m trying to lick so steps toward a fix can be taken. Every once in a while, when I turn my tower on, it’ll beep, showing my board info, but either hang not, booting windows or show the hard drive then ask if I want to boot from my cd/dvd drive. When it is restarted, it works, so weird.


My brother Adrian suggested the board might be going, which maybe the case. A friend said to check the thermal paste and memory. All this will be checked in a month, just need to get funds up. Just when I wanted to upgrade a few things on it too. 😦


In other news: I’m going ahead with the game play through in a week, & for anyone who wants to look, I’ll post a link to my you tube channel when the play through starts! 🙂 Crysis 2 will be played & after I tweaked a setting having to do with mouse sensitivity, me don’t suck as bad! lol 🙂


Aki Yoshira


On the writing front, progress has been slow but good. Aki’s new piece was added to and I plan on adding more in a bit! The book chapter is coming along, (just noticed that I forgot to save my last copy, wahh)! Could poke Blackrose and see if she’ll retell the parts I didn’t save, damn old age!

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