Okay, Everything’s Ready For Next Week

While typing this, I’m doing something that I hardly ever do now, listen to the music collection my adopted brother and sister gave me when I stayed with em years ago. When my roommates hear my music, they tell me I’m odd or worse, which has me fall of my wheelchair, laughing my ass off at their closed mindedness. Anyway two posts will be posted today, here’s the first! 🙂


Took some work and gaming on my part, but everything’s setup for the play through next week.What I wanted to do is play through the game on the profile I’ve created first, getting most things unlocked etc. so when I do the videos, it won’t look like I’m a total newbie! 🙂 However, fair warning: Because I’m one handed, there will be spots where I goof up, and spots where run and gunning won’t be done. Sometimes it isn’t best for me, so what I do is cloak, snipe as many enemies as possible, then proceed.


Plans how the videos will be done came to me last night. 🙂


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