Viewing A Favorite Anime From My Childhood Through New Eyes

Voltron (Beast King Golion)


“From days of long ago. From uncharted reigns of the universe, comes a legend. The legend of Voltron, defender of the universe.” Can’t remember how old I was when Voltron first caught me, all I know is I thought it came from America. Ah, to be young & naive! 🙂 In the version from my childhood, five space explorers are sent to Planet Aeris to aid the torn planet that was ravaged by King Zarkon, of Planet Doom, only to be captured themselves.


Before going on, let me go on record and say that I know the company who had the rights to the anime did their best to make the show acceptable, but you’d think they could’ve thought up a better name than Planet Doom! Anyway, the five escape and crash land on Planet  Aeris, finding “The Castle Of Lions”. They also find Princess Alaura and Coran, (misspellings oi), who reveal the secret of Voltron. As a kid, the show had me hooked, though it seemed a bit cheesy at times.


When I say cheesy, a few things come to mind, but one thing stuck out and makes me twitch to this day. The dubbing company used male voice actors for some of the female voice overs. I have no trouble with that, but I don’t know if the person recording them made the voice high pitch and bad or what, but it awfully bad to listen to!

Voltron (Beast King Golion_2)


For people who aren’t aware, Beast King Golion is the original anime used for the American counterpart. I’ve watched the first few episodes of it last night so I could do this post today. From the start I saw why the dubbed aired version was edited so extensively, due to content, like any aired anime. However, this version gives more of the story, diving deeper into why things happen, again like all subbed anime, but there were scenes that should’ve stayed in the aired version, because the series would’ve made more sense.


Sure, edit the whippings, gore and things you wouldn’t wanna show kids back than, but have the dubbed version make sense in places! 🙂 Once I can order things again, I’m picking up Beast King Golion, IF it’s available somewhere, but for now, you tube will be my source.


24 thoughts on “Viewing A Favorite Anime From My Childhood Through New Eyes

  1. I think you have an interesting take on looking back at childhood anime. Most people seem just to talk about nostalgia factor and experience, so I’m happy to see someone put it to the test.

    The only anime I ever watched as a kid was Pokémon, which I never registered as “anime”. Even now that I do watch anime, I haven’t gone back to Pokémon very much and really credit Claymore and Cowboy Bebop as my gateway shows.

    • I wanted to do that post when the topic was fresh in my head. Editing anime for content I get they wanted to keep it from kids, but the version that came here was edited to much.If you’re interested, I do reviews at times along with my writings and gaming stuff! 🙂

  2. Ahh to be young and naive once again.
    We have come a long way but still over react a little to much when protecting the young ones. As you said edit is okay but more than less the take it over the top and take away to much.

    Thanks for the read.

    • And to me, they overdid it on editing. But it was the 80s so I guess that had something to do with it. I do anime related posts from time to time, alongside topics of how I game with my disability & about my Anime inspired vampire novel I’m writing, if your interested.

      • A couple chapters of the Alpha version of my novel have been posted here yes. The plan for my erotic “hentai” works will be posted to soon.

      • Well funny you suggested that, because I will be posting the complete Alpha to fictionpress once done. I try editing and proofreading the book chapters myself, but the eyes only catch so much, you know? It’s my hope that other readers may help. But posts updating people on my writing progress go up almost daily to weekly.

      • Some of the edits in Voltron (particularly the attempts to remove all death) fall into categories that were more common in the 80s, but still not all 80s dubs did them (people who died in Macross still died in Robotech) and some later dubs did (Saban’s dub of Dragon Ball Z is probably the most edited Japanese-to-English dub ever).

      • I get where you’re coming from, but looking back, they edited the heck out of Voltron, At least Robotech made a bit more sense. 🙂

  3. Nice discussion. When I was little, I always that Pokemon was a cartoon and so did Dragonball Z. I think in middle school, I started calling shows like Dragonball Z and Naruto anime.

  4. I’m scared to watch anime that I watched as a child at my age now, I did it with a few and the flaws became so much more obvious and it was like the glass shattered. It’s truly then that you see how overboard dubs can go with the editing which negatively impacts on the series even more in my opinion.

  5. Oooooooh. Nice topic. Indeed, our perspective change as we mature. It just makes me glad to meet fellow adults who still love anime as much as when they were children. Thanks for submitting this for the Fujinsei Blog Carnival. Cheers!

    • I almost wrote about how my anime inspired vampire character from the novel I’m writing saved my life, but didn’t think it fit the rules you set forth, so I wrote about the anime. Yeah, thinking back, the dubbed version was horrid! makes me glad I watch subbed anime.

      No problem, just happy to find other otaku to share he joy of anime with.:)

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