Things OnThe Brain

And yes, I’m well aware that there’s a shot at a joke there, but I’m not saying it, lol! 🙂 There are a lot of things cooking in my head right now that I’d like to work on this week, so I’ll talk about them here. Starting tomorrow, the first videos of the Crysis 2 PC Play through will be uploaded to my you tube channel, and as promised, a link to my channel will me posted here for anyone interested. 🙂


Asuka D'Cara

(Blackrose and Xavior’s daughter, Asuka)

More writing will be added to my stories this week as well. The writing bug bit me last week on my book chapter, but wanted what I added proofed before I continued, (want to see it sounded to sue), it does not! At times, it is slow getting paragraphs out, but after a while, a flow starts. 🙂


Aki Yoshira’s erotic work was poked the same daye, (I think), and some good content was added. No smut yet, just working on good structured paragraphs were typed. The adult scenes are coming soon, trust me, hehehe! Before bed tonight, some work maybe added to Jasmine’s, (below) story.




On another front, one day this week, my R/C truck, which is like my son needs a cleaning. Or what I can do with a rag and a little water. Would’ve thought the hobby shop would clean it while upgrading, but eh, its okay. 😛 Speaking of the four wheeled bad boy,this week or weekend, the final upgrades, (wheels and new tires) will be bought and put on, which I hope my nephew will follow through on


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