Itching To Write

After writing that long post, my bed was calling me, but the urge to start writing seemed to powerful, so I stayed up a while to add to the book chapter. It isn’t clear if the music I listened to while the words flowed helped, (though music helps me) or what, but words just poured out. Even now, plans how to end Xavior’s battle are strong in my brain!


Xavior (Human)


At this moment, my plan is to get to the chapter, finish the fight scene & perhaps more today! All I know is that I’m in a groove, loving one of my muses speak so clearly, helping me write. I know I might sound crazy to some, but to me, the muses I have inspiring me seem like a living being, and I treat them as such.


Deadra 1


What story will I add to next? Well, thought was given to that question & Deadra’s story is next on my list. It’s nearly complete, but like I stated last night, I feel somewhat bad for stopping her piece so near to the finish. True, it was stopped for a good reason, that much I know, but feels like I kicked it to the curb, you know?


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