Set My Keyboard On Fire



My gods, I feel like my goal was reached and then some yesterday, because I burned a trail on this keyboard that’s still smoking today! 🙂 Since getting up yesterday at noon, my butt was in front of the computer, cranking on the novel chapter while listening to Nightwish, and I feel as though the words that came flowing out were well written. ^_^ Really, it felt as if the dam broke, letting me write up a storm, which made me feel great!!!


The drive to work on the novel chapter didn’t end until 7 last night? While working on & proofing it for errors, an idea came to mind, something a new follower asked and thought I’d get feedback on before going forward. How many of you readers and followers would like to see the chapter I’m working on?  What I can do is post it here for all to read & get a feel on people’s reactions. What do you all think?


To be fair, the question will be left open for a week, so feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts! 🙂


One thought on “Set My Keyboard On Fire

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