Welcome New Follower!

Just got done with dinner & when checking email, I saw that my blog picked up a new follower. Let me take this time and welcome you & give a bit of what you’ll find here from me. Yes, as the subtitle says,”gaming life and my interests” my console gaming days are done due to reasons I won’t go into here, but I do game on PC.


Some life experiences are talked about, but I don’t do it often, (I’d like to remain positive nowadays). 🙂 Interests? As you are aware by now, I’m a writer, trying his hand at a vampire novel, which has an anime feel to it. I also do other works, but they aren’t posted “Yet!” 🙂 Anime posts are covered here, my second passion & my hobbies are discussed here, so welcome. 🙂


If you find a topic you like and want to discuss, please like or comment, I encourage interaction.


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