Two Days Out, Running! :)


(This is an old picture of my R/C, I’m still waiting for a camera so I can take new ones.)


Thought I’d switch gears since its the weekend & I wanted to reward myself for writing good content this week! 🙂 If anyone who has followed me on here knows radio controlled cars and trucks is just one of my hobbies, aside from anime, martial arts, PC Gaming & writing. Whenever possible, I get out and run my truck, which helps me get  calm while ripping up the yard!


After an hour of writing yesterday, I looked out my room window and felt like going out, so I packed my R/C battery packs up, got the truck and headed out to play. 🙂 If you see how I handle my truck, you’d know that I don’t rag on it, do insane flips or do things, intending to break a part. That doesn’t mean I don’t push the limits, limits ARE pushed with it, but carefully. Sure, parts can be replaced and such, to me though, I’d like to keep my breakage down you know?


With that saidm I’m glad I had the hobby shop put the stronger parts on the truck because of what happen yesterday. I let my twenty something nephew drive it, & fist thing he does is smack the curb at full speed, making it quit working. Watching that, “You idiot!” came to mind, but thankfully the on/off switch got into to off position, thank the RC Gods! However he flipped it a few more times, having me think something got damaged. End of the run, I looked it over, finding no breaks, just two scuffs, so YAY! 🙂


Took it out alone and ran the thing & enjoyed myself! May take it to my old running ground, (Church lot) next week and see what havoc I can do there!:) Wish I knew of other places to raise hell at, like a construction site!


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