Loving Inspiration Right Now!



So, for a while now, you readers can tell that I’ve really been writing a lot! No, maybe a lot isn’t the right word, more like all consuming, but whatever the word, I’m loving having inspiration right now! Really, it feels like whatever story I poke, (work on), the words just flow from me, creating good content!


Even if I wanna take a day to go out & do my hobby, after coming in, my keyboard calls and I get the urge to type. 🙂 Lately, I have been working with two of the erotic stories o’mine, Jasmine’s and one other that hit me over the weekend. And today, what could be a title for Jasmine’s story came to mind, making me learn towards using it, though I know by the picture, she doesn’t look like a priestess, but really, what should a captured priestess look/dress like? 😛


As always, updates on my progress of all my works will be posted here, and once completed, all stories will be posted to fictionpress and other sites.


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