How My Dad Got Me Interested In PC Gaming Again

Over the next few days, posts on various subjects will be appearing here, & I thought I’d start with this. Normally, subjects about my family are not posted here, because over the four years, I’ve been negative about them, and this year, I promised myself they wouldn’t dictate what’s posted. That said, this is something that made me feel my dad’s spirit today.

Though he had faults, my father cared about me, though he had a funny way of expressing it. And true, somethings he said/did made us butt heads, something any father/son or daughter does, there are so many things he did for me that made me smile, but I’ll name one. In my teens, my dad invited me to spend the Summer with him in California as a way to bond.


You must know, me being me, being away from home was a bit of a freaky idea, but I went and had a fun time, until homesickness set in, then oi. However, in that time there, there was a game on his computer he got me hooked too and it got into my blood BIG TIME!! If anyone remembers Wolfenstien 3d, that’s the game & god I loved it.


While on Steam today, I found and bought it. Playing it, memories of him came back and it was almost as if he was here next to me. I swear, a tear came to my eye, but if I told my nephew or showed him said game, I’m sure he’d think dad was “Off”, like he thinks just because I like German metal, I’m a “Nazi lover”. I’m not and dad wasn’t.


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