Reasons For My Abscence

Sorry for not posting anything for a while, I’ve been trying to do needed maintenance on my computer, write, do my outdoor hobby and try to keep cool. First, let me address what was worked on with the PC. For the longest, the connection from my video card the tv was handled with an adapter, and it was bent, meaning I had to wedge it against the wall to make it stay in. Not the most logical, I know, but…


A week ago, an hdmi cable was bought and put to use, doing away with the adapter. Issue solved, right? After some hair ripping out, yes. See, while the hdmi made my desktop look bigger, as it should be, the taskbar was sunk off screen, enough to make it weird. When that was licked, my games had audio, but no video, though the game resolution matched the tv’s. I fixed it after sleeping on the issue.


But now, the gamepad I use to bind keystrokes to for games has a short, so along with the cell phone, I’ll be ordering a new pad too.




As for the writing. Ideas on what to change in the vampire novel so it will sound less like I borrowed from InuYasha are roaming my mind, (more on what that the changes are in another post). Most of the writing I’ve done was adding to my original erotic stories, Priestess Of Lust to name one! Last night with no music, the story was attacked, laying down nice content! 🙂 Really, and I found out one of the character in said story kills if people view her as weak, which I loved!


Between writing and the PC, most days were spent out running my truck and loving it. Nothing beats just running the yard full speed & jumping, it’s freeing! There were times I almost lost the truck, (try telling a three year old something four times while doing something). So, in a nutshell, those are the reasons for my time away, but I live.


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