Changes To The Novel



Years ago, when the first draft of Blackrose’s novel was started, I was a person who drew inspiration from anime and “gave” his characters things without the earning the items.Looking back, I hated that attempt at the book because the characters were, and this may not be the right word, but unlikable? I can’t even bring myself to search my gmail account to get the chapter my adopted bro helped with Dracula’s wording, the whole book reflected my novice wisdom at that time. Oh, I know I’ll have to find it, just to read how he speaks so I can use it for the better attempt, but after, the file will go in the fireplace, lol! πŸ™‚


In that first attempt, Blackrose used one of her vampire fangs to reforge Dante/Xavior’s sword, which the fang idea was borrowed from the anime InuYasha. Again, not the best move, but I was new to writing & dumb!


So it hit me not to long ago that there are two characters that I created in game, (both swordswomen), who could be used as a sword smith & reforge the sword, after thinking about it of course. I don’t have pictures, but their names are Akasha, a cat woman and Fujiko, human. Either can be put into the novel so simply by not affecting the current roll I’m on! πŸ™‚


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