Returned To A Story After Months

Aki Yoshira


This past Sunday, while adding to a number of original works, The Vampire & The Slayer, Aki Yoshira’s rebooted story was opened and worked on. I won’t lie, not writing for her piece for months then to come back to it threw me off. Really, it felt like the ideas for her were dead, like she stopped talking to me, which I can understand because I nearly dropped the story for months. However after a few minutes, the words started flowing, enabling me to write good content.


While I refuse to give away the story as a whole, but in a few paragraphs, she will have the first encounter with the vampire who will seduce her into dark pleasure. Aki might have a one shot story, but a plan is in mind to do a story with their daughter, Yuki. Nothing is put in stone yet, I’d like to finish a few stories before adding more. As always updates will be posted detailing the progress of all my pieces.


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