The State Of Things

Wanted to do this to let people who come here & followers who follow me know what’s on my mind, (which can be hell to tell because of my loose screws, lol :P). First: Last year, my gaming PC was built with the idea to get on steam and upgrade it as I go, (yearly or when I get money saved up.) Well, the computer was built, installed steam, everything was good. Then, not to long ago, it started not wanting to boot to windows, but when reset, it boots fine. The company I ordered the board/cpu combo from was emailed and after a long debate, they tell me that I need to reinstall windows 10, because some numbers sound like they got mismatched.


Can that happen? Not sure, but it had me thinking today. I went on newegg last night and priced parts, which to my surprise wasn’t to bad. I can get the same board, but the next chip up, (the FX8350) cheap enough, a 750 watt P/S decently, an Radeon 380 graphics card for a total of 570 something and odd cents, not bad, but math hurts ze head when it’s 2am lol. 🙂 When out today, I had a brainstorm. A Geforce 750 TI was selling for cheap, with a free game! I can get it, then later upgrade, once funds are up. So later, I’ll be mock ordering the parts, with the TI to see how much I save. Hope the new parts hold up, I DON’T like flushing cash down the toilet!


Deadra 1

As for my stories, they are coming along, but truth hit me that it maybe wise to finish the first two erotic stories I started a while back before continuing the others. So, where will I begin? Darkest Pleasures, my cat ninja Deadra’s, (who’s above) will be finished first.


Aki Yoshira


Alongside hers, The Vampire & The Slayer, Aki’s piece will be worked on, cause I feel bad for leaving it for this long.



Final note: I’ll be ordering a camera phone Saturday, as soon as I get it & learn it, I’ll post pictures of the upgraded R/C! 🙂


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