Writing Progress: All Things Must End

Deadra 1


Months and month ago, Darkest Pleasures, Deadra’s story was started, (Picture above). I started it well, laying down a very well done plot, a cat woman who has an issue, but I think readers will connect with her. However, like an idiot, I let myself start 60 other works, abandoning hers, which I regret. Sure, some days were spent poking it, but then leaving again. This went on until last night.


Yes, like Aki Yoshira’s story, Deadra’s got loved from the time I got online-until bed. And like Aki’s, it immersed me into it, allowing me to feel my emotions, which gave her lover an sadistic side, but one with good intent. With that said, all good things must end & last night, I told my adopted brother that today, my plan is to wrap up Deadra’s story. After fourteen, fifteen pages, I feel it might be time. πŸ™‚ When complete, the story will be chopped into chapters, proofed as best I can and posted to a site.


Worry not friends, a link to it will be posted for those who wish to read!:)


2 thoughts on “Writing Progress: All Things Must End

    • When I used her in online matched, back when I played on my ps3, most hated her design, saying she’s to skinny or ask if she’s an elf. I used elf ears because the cat ears didn’t look right. And thanks! πŸ™‚

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