Getting To The End Of…..

With it being Summer, I set aside time to go outside and run my r/c, but I think most people who follow this blog know this fact. Anyway, let us start this party. Between going out to rip the yard up, sometime was spent writing and hence brings me to this update!


Deadra 1


Between going out last weekend a lot of progress was made with both Deadra’s piece Darkest Pleasures and Aki’s story The Vampire & The Slayer, both will be covered in this post. I’m happy to report that Deadra’s story’s in the homestretch of being done finally, just one or two pages to write, than proofing/editing can start, which will suck, but a plan is in my head of how to attack it! 🙂 Once that is done & the story is split into chapters and the errors corrected, my plan is to upload the story to a site for all to read! 🙂



Aki Yoshira


Now to Aki Yoshira’s work. Like Deadra’s story, The Vampire & The Slayer received a major boost over the weekend, especially last night. I’m happy to tell you that after one or two scenes, proofing/editing can begin on it, but may not be as bad as Darkest Pleasures, due to my brother Adrian helping me with proofing. Will I be reusing her in another story? At this point, I’d say possible, but not for awhile, I have the novel to get back to, a fan work to complete and a few other girls in my pool with stories to complete.


Aki’s will be posted to the same site as Deadra’s so stay tuned.


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