Giving My Two Cents



Though not my thing, a you tube video I views a couple days ago sparked this topic. In it, the person was explaining why a brushless system wouldn’t be a good upgrade for a Traxxas Stampede, due to it pulling wheelies etc. While I’m not gonna sit here and say he’s wrong, I will give my opinion if people are thinking about turning their Pede into a brushless beast & give advice on what to upgrade before going that route! 🙂


As a Stampede owner myself, let me say that the truck pulls wheelies on demand, even at half throttle. While cool, in time, not being able to steer can suck big! So, the first thing I upgraded & recommend is buying a wheelie bar for the r/c. As you see in the picture above, the bar is set at the lowest point, that can greatly limit how high the truck can go.Me? I stay on the first or second bar, just to keep steering control.


Now it is important for first time Stampede owners to evaluate where the weaknesses of the truck are, because if you put brushless power into it, you’re bound to break parts. I’m not sure if I had the hobby shop put one in or not, but a industrial strength spur gear might be a wise upgrade to invest in. With the added speed, if you hit anything, the stock parts will shatter, so below is what I upgraded for not much money.


Last summer, an RPM bumper was put on, with front RPM A-Arms, (in picture), & those gave strength to much of the front end. Over Winter, my hobby shop friend put the rear A-Arms on when the brushless system went, and not one part failed yet. You can deck your rig however you like, but in itself, the Stampede is not that bad, if you are willing to spend a little on it.


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